Welcome to NAL OffGrid Limited

NAL OFFGRID LIMITED develops solar photovoltaic projects with a focus on solar powered mini grids.
We design, install, and operate the mini grids across different parts of the country.
We are licensed by Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority as a power utility company in Kenya.

We tap from the sun and power the People

We work closely with NGO's and other private partners in empowering communities living in rural areas and without electricity.
We provide solar minigrids based on the size of the population and demand per site. These minigrids provide power to these communities and help them improve their lives by running homes, small businesses, schools, churches and hospitals.
Our aim is to see most part of these remote areas able to access power from the readily available solar energy and their lives changed for the better.


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Our Story

Being a utility company, NAL Offgrid is focused in developing scalable and affordable off-grid utility solutions where everyone is connected to clean solar energy and takes advantage of the opportunity brought forward by access to energy to better their lives.

We light up Homesteads

Energy for Rural Institutions

Community Empowerment

Quality Minigrids

PayGo Technology

24/7 Power Supply

Power Transmission Network

Professional Installations

Job Creations for Locals

Powering Local Hospitals

Promoting Rural SME's

Refrigeration Business

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Why NAL OffGrid Limited?

  • Quality Solar Products

    We use tier-one solar products

  • Clean Energy

    Our solar off-grid system utilizes solar energy hence no pollution

  • Flexible Payments

    Our Clients can pay the connection fee in installment

  • PayGo Services

    Our customers are able to purchase energy via PayGo System

  • Reliable Services

    Our minigrids provide power 24/7 since the operation date

  • Longer Life Minigrids

    With quality solar products our minigrids are guaranteed to last long

  • Community Participation

    We involve communities before, during and after installation

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Our lines are always open to our customers for support.